Rock Rose Smoked Orange Edition

A zesty citrus burst with a delicious smoked tea undertone

Our Smoked Orange Edition is a credit to our distiller, Craig. Martin challenged him to take Rock Rose Gin into exploring an entirely different flavour profile, whilst remaining true to the distinctive notes of our original Scottish spirit.

This release uses fine Lapsang Souchong tea to deliver smoky notes to enhance zesty organic orange peel. Complemented by tangerine sage and lemon verbena from our geodome, this is a richly complex gin with a bright bonfire nose; a palate that wakes the taste buds.

41.5% Alc Vol. - 700ml


85 in stock

(49 customer reviews)
500ml bottle of Rock Rose Gin Smoked Orange

Rock Rose Smoked Orange Edition

A zesty citrus burst with a delicious smoked tea undertone

Our Smoked Orange Edition is a credit to our distiller, Craig. Martin challenged him to take Rock Rose Gin into exploring an entirely different flavour profile, whilst remaining true to the distinctive notes of our original Scottish spirit.

This release uses fine Lapsang Souchong tea to deliver smoky notes to enhance zesty organic orange peel. Complemented by tangerine sage and lemon verbena from our geodome, this is a richly complex gin with a bright bonfire nose; a palate that wakes the taste buds.

41.5% Alc Vol. - 700ml


85 in stock

(49 customer reviews)

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Smoked Orange Edition

Tasting Notes


Subtle hints of smoke lie underneath zingy citrus notes.


The clean pine smoke from Lapsang Souchong tea excites the tastebuds and, as it settles, a candied sweet orange rises through.


The finish is long as the deep rich smoke lingers on the palate. The fresh citrus notes of lemon verbena and tangerine sage resolve into a sweetness on the back of the tongue.

A special edition in every sense to delight the senses.

Smoked Orange Edition


  • Lemon Verbena

    The leaves of this perennial, woody shrub have a bright citrus flavour – ideal for adding an extra citrus layer of flavour. Grown in our distillery geodome.

  • Lapsang Souchong Tea

    According to popular story an army delayed the tea harvest in China and the leaves were laid over pine embers to speed up the drying process. This charismatic, smoky tea was created and is now just perfect for our need!

  • Orange

    The humble orange is one of the hero botanicals in our Smoked Orange Edition! We use sweet orange peel in the distillation to complement the smoky notes from the tea.

Smoked Orange Edition

Perfect Serve

Rock Rose Gin Smoked Orange served in a coupe glass with tonic, a twist of orange peel and sage

    Distiller's serve

  • Try our Smoked Orange edition as our distiller Craig recommends, simply over ice.
  • For a longer drink

  • Enjoy with tonic, a twist of orange peel and sage!!

Rock Rose Smoked Orange Edition


  1. Ordered this as a gift for a friend who loves all the varieties of Rock Rose gin. Prompt delivery and well packaged.

    Carol Green

  2. Gorgeous love the Rock Rose gin range. Prompt delivery and fantastic flavours. Would buy again


  3. LOVE the gin, and thought the pouches seemed a great idea – however as we have just received a soggy box on the doorstep with my gin literally pouring out quickly they are obviously not robust enough to stand up to being thrown about, particularly when loose in a large cardboard box with nothing to stop them taking amy external knocks – not sure of if was simply a faulty seal (bottom side) on manufacture and overfill, or result of not withstanding what I assume was an over enthusiastic delivery on to the doorstep causing the burst – can only have been on delivery as it was leaking at such a rate that there would have been none left in in another 30’ . The company is on the case sorting a replacement, and the gin is gorgeous – just wont risk this idea as a containing vessel for our caravanning trips as we had planned!

    Lyndsey Wright

  4. This is my second bottle of the smoked orange. Well, I say bottle but I opted for the recyclable pouch version and will do a bottle refill very shortly when the first runs out. This is a great addition to many cocktails: think of the number that take a little citrus through bitters, triple sec, etc.


  5. I’m always wary of gins that suggest a flavouring. Not the case with this, keeps its authenticity of Rock Rose with a subtle orange smokiness. Delicious

    Helena Jackson

  6. absolutely beautiful gin, after falling in love with the original while on holiday, I figured why not give the smoked orange a go and I have fallen in love all over again.

    Shauna Green

  7. Don’t worry it is coming soon!

    Claire Murray

  8. lovely, pity you don’t do a refill.


  9. Fantastic service
    Gin beautiful as ever

    Sue Barwell

  10. Quick delivery. Beautiful glasses
    Just love the gin

    Sue Barwell

  11. Quick delivery. Beautiful glasses

    Sue Barwell

  12. Very prompt service from ordering online to delivery 4 days later, I haven’t yet tasted this gin but I’m looking forward to it especially if it’s as nice as the original.

    Jackie Harper

  13. We are ardent rock rose fans so delighted to add another bottle to the shelf. Just made our first smoked orange negroni, following your recipe and are delighted. What a super autumnal drink…. There will be many more to get us through the darker nights 🙂


  14. Loved this Gin. Over the last three years or so, I’ve purchased the various seasonal Rock Rose Gins( all of which I’ve liked) – but this one is very different. A most unique flavour , which seems very suitable for autumn/ winter months

    Janet Fellowes

  15. Been a big fan of Rock Rose since visiting during an NC 500 tour, but not a fan of this, no hint of Orange at all, it just tastes of smoke, feels like drinking a glass of the morning after bonfire night! Thought it may just be me so blind tested a few friends and everyone said the same. Sorry not your usual standard

    Ex customer

  16. The Rock Rose Smoked Orange gin is amazing. It has a wonderful flavour and it tickles your tastebuds. A really enjoyable, drinkable drink. My favourite Rock Rose drink so far. Though I do still drink the others too.

    Yvonne Weaver

  17. Absolutely loved the smoked orange edition. The smell of the smokiness when you open it with the slight hint of Smokiness and citrus flavours in the gin makes it taste so good. I had it with tonic and ice and slice of orange and it was so good. Great job by all at Rock rose gin, another great addition to the growing family. ❤️❤️

    colin thain

  18. LOveley gin- just correct in every way. It seems the ideal drink for an Autumnal BBQ and fire pit evening we recently had.

    Shaun Knott

  19. Smooth and zesty, refreshing and flavoursome. Enjoyed with a twist of orange peel, ice and tonic. A lovely addition to the Rock Rose collection.


  20. This is only my third bottle from Rock Rose; my first flavoured and I am not disappointed. A lovely, zingy gin to drink straight, with classic tonic or pure orange juice. Hope this edition becomes a permanent offering.

    N Currie

  21. Bizarrely, I can’t comment on the gin! We loved our visit to the distillery last year and our daughters loved the gin we took back for them. We now have two bottles of this as presents.
    What I can comment on is how very nice the people are and how very efficient they were in sending out the gin, and how very lovely the bottles are, with handwritten notes in batch, bottle number and distiller.

    Ian Knight

  22. Best neat, I think, over ice. With a twist of orange zest (and today, also with a lemon verbena leaf from the garden, because why not?). This is decidedly interesting – “It’s gin, Jim, but not as we know it”. I’ll have one of these if I’m thinking that a martini would be nice, but I want something just a bit more cheerful and warming. I always think of a gin martini as being quite an austere drink, like a religious ascetic unbending just for a moment to descend to my level, whereas this is definitely a bit more clubbable. The lovely Rock Rose bright and clear juniper taste is still to the fore, but the tea does add a subtle smoky undertone (there’s no tannin there at all, though, which is welcome) and the orange and verbena give it sweet citrussy top which is just dandy and quite literally the icing on the (carrot) cake. Strongly recommended, especially if your jaded palate needs revivification.


  23. An excellent gin, paired with plain tonic to let the flavours shine on their own.


  24. My brother in law first introduced me to Rock Rose gin and I eagerly await new products. Once again I have another new favourite to include in my collection of Rock Rose gins. Just love the taste and smell of the smokiness that comes with the first sip, followed by the sweetness of the orange. A lovely sipping gin for cold nights, sitting in front of the fire, but also with ice, tonic and a slice of lime when entertaining friends and family.

    Susan Cook

  25. This is a fabulous bottle of gin and I’m so pleased I got the opportunity to buy another bottle. It is lovely neat, as well as with tonic and is a really refreshing way to end the day.

    Elaine Marshman

  26. Absolutely love it, has become one of my favourites along with Old Tom, definitely will be getting another one as this won’t last long lol x

    Zoe Mackenzie

  27. Absolutely gorgeous- possibly my new favourite Rock Rose edition! I hope it will be joining the refill club when it becomes part of the permanent range.

    Chloe Harley

  28. This gin retains the essence of the Rock Rose experience whilst bringing the deep undertones of the orange. Think marmalade more than orange juice.
    This gives it the hint of the classic cocktail balance of 2 parts sweet to 1 part bitter and I have already used this as the base for rather exquisite Negronis and a more delicate orange bloom martini.
    Nice one, Rock Rose!

    Neil Calder

  29. Right up there with the best of Rock Rose gins. I am amazed that I got the chance to secure another two bottles – thank you for the e-mail!

    Peter Herbert

  30. This is another fantastic flavoursome gin to the Dunnet Bay armoury, it has a great smokey touch as you’d expect an orange zing and is complex. This is a welcome addition to my collection of 8 other gins from this distillery. Think you’d say I was a fan.

    Diane Maxwell

  31. I am a fan of citrus flavours and was lucky enough to get one of these before you ran out of stock!
    Had to try it when it arrives and it will compete with the pink grapefruit one very well!


  32. This gin is a must for everyone, the smoked orange flavour is to die for. Well done Rock Rose on another fantastic Gin

    Malc Sweet

  33. Purchased for a friend who not only loved the style and appearance of the bottle. The contents and flavour she advised was something they have never tasted before. Top quality produce made highlands of Scotland. Perfect.


  34. Another wonderful gin , enjoy with a slice of orange , fever tree tonic and ice .

    Margaret Mason

  35. A wonderful addition to my gin collection, the smoke is very subtle and not over powering and the overall flavour is very balanced, very enjoyable over ice.

    Pauline Allison

  36. My Rock Rose smoked Orange gin arrived on a beautiful sunny afternoon.
    The smoky ,citrus orange flavours are blended to perfection.
    We had it in our new glasses from Rock rose with ice and lemonade.
    Highly recommend this delicious gin.


  37. Really smooth, went down a treat. Yet to try it with a slice of orange and sage leaf.
    Well done.

    Terry Morgan

  38. Was bought it as a gift, It tastes amazing, with tonic and a twist of orange peel. I’ll definitely be ordering it again.

    Bronagh Pinkerton

  39. Being a committed tea, gin and whisky drinker I found this to be a worthy addition to the Rock Rose range. Lovely!

    Hamish Jamieson

  40. Fantastic addition to the range, love the Smokey elements from the Lapsang Souchong (also my favourite tea). Great over ice as recommended, a definite drink to savour.


  41. This is a beautiful gin. The flavours work so well together. I tried it over ice and with tonic and it was great either way. I’m not a tea drinker but the lapsang souchong was very subtle and added to the flavour. I have tried all the Rock Rose gins and this is my new favourite.


  42. The excitement was real, waiting for this one to drop through the letter box (which it did, quickly and very cleverly wrapped!). Everything I love about Rock Rose original serve, but better. Wee bit smoother, wee bit more warming and a good dollop more orange aroma. We potentially have a new favourite. If you like the Autumn edition, you will love this wee belter of a ‘special’. I hope it stays on the menu…


  43. This is an absolutely delicious gin, quite unlike any other. Its smokey taste is quite subtle and not overpowering at all and you can definitely taste the orangey undertones. It works well on the rocks with a slice of orange and lovely with plain tonic for a long refreshing drink. It’s my new favourite.


  44. Absolutely lovely, I had mine with Fever Tree Spiced Orange Giner Ale and zest of orange. Gloriously refreshing making me feel like I was in an orange grove in sunny Valencia, Spain. Definitely recommend xx

    Karen Smith

  45. Absolutely delicious. This is now my favourite with the Citrus Edition now in second place.

    Ruth Sampson

  46. Struggled to find the orange, more like original which I do like

    George Macpherson

  47. Subtle smokiness and with a nice bitter orange (but not too much) flavour. Goes nicely with ice and a light tonic.

    Richard Swarbrick

  48. Lovely and zingy. Tried as suggested as a long drink with tonic, orange slice and a sage leaf. Refreshing.

    Carole Gould

  49. Definitely one to be enjoyed on its own over ice. It has a gorgeous citrus note to start with then, just as you are settling in to enjoy this, the smokiness from the tea drifts across your tastebuds. Utterly delightful.

    Aileen Wallace

  50. Absolutely gorgeous, I had mine with Fever Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale with a twist of orange zest. Lovely refreshing drink for these hot summer evenings. Let’s you feel like your on holiday in an orange grove in Valencia ❤️❤️

    Karen Smith

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