Jam Doughnut Gin – Creative Collection No. 4

Delightful strawberry and vanilla notes evoking thoughts of yummy bakeries

The fourth in the series is the wonderful Jam Doughnut gin.  We wanted to have a wee bit of fun for the fourth and final gin of the Creative Collection and decided to distil doughnuts!

We popped twenty or so delicious Perk doughnuts into Elizabeth’s botanical vapour basket, along with their homemade jam and some amazing Madagascan vanilla as well as lots of juniper. The result is a fun gin full of delightful strawberry and vanilla notes evoking thoughts of a yummy jam doughnut!

Northern Irish born illustrator, Hannah Cambridge, lived all around the UK before finally settling here in Caithness. We chose Hannah to design a fun and bright label that encapsulated the ‘spirit’ of this gin. Hannah has combined fun with creativity to produce this wonderfully whimsical illustration.

41.5% Alc Vol. - 500ml


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Try as a negroni – it is superb! Serve on a 1:1:1 ratio with Campari and vermouth, you’ll love it!

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